Areas I work in

Carpet Fitter London If you live anywhere in the area shown by the map then you are in my everyday work area.

As you can see from the map I work right across the entire western half of London from the City in the east out to Barnet in the north, Uxbridge in the west, Croydon in the south and all points in between.

I tend to find myself working at least at one day a week in each of the areas shown during the course of most weeks.

When booking in jobs I will usually try to arrange things so that I am not doing your job in isolation, but rather on the same day as other jobs in or near to your part of London.

If I can I will fit your job in either on the way to or on the way back from another job in your neck of the woods or beyond.

This keeps travelling times for me and therefore costs for you down to a minimum.

Modern mapping technology and Sat Navs makes all this much easier to do than it used to be. Basically I put your post code into an app and it comes back with a list of my jobs nearby and the driving time.

Carpet Fitter London Areas Prior to this I would allocate 35 minutes driving time on average to get to each job. Now no matter where you are on the map, I will not need to allow more than 15 / 20 minutes max drive time to get to you if your job can be tied in with others nearby.

This means that even small jobs a good distance away in particular that were previously too far away to be worthwhile are now economically viable for me and will not be too expensive for you.

If you live outside the map area it does not mean that I will not come to you. I will! It simply means that I might have to ask you to wait maybe a couple of weeks until I get a job 'Half way' ish out your way.

If you are not sure then just call me and ask. I won't mess you about humming and haa-ing. I will just give a polite straightforward answer. Then you will know where you stand and whether you want to wait for me to be nearby or find someone else to help you.