Carpet fitter in Beaconsfield HP9

If you are in need of a labour-only carpet fitting service within the Beaconsfield HP9 area for new carpets you already have, then I would be happy to help you.

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I also provide skilled carpet laying and re-laying of used carpets in Beaconsfield HP9, for carpets that have been taken up by builders or other tradesmen and now need to be properly re-fitted.

In addition to carpet fitting and re-laying, I also offer comprehensive carpet repair services in the Beaconsfield HP9 area…

  • All types of carpet repairs including carpet burns, moth and pet damage and carpet patches.
  • Fixing fraying doorway carpet joins.
  • Stair carpet repairs This often involves cutting out and replacing worn treads with left over carpet.
  • Carpet stretching services in Beaconsfield HP9 to tighten loose, wavy and rippled carpets that are not only unsightly, but could also be unsafe.
  • Alterations to used carpets in Beaconsfield HP9. Very often there will be a need to adjust existing carpets for other reasons. Building work or removal of fitted furniture are two examples. Either way sometimes a little bit of ‘make do & mend’ maintenance can go a long way to giving the carpet a few more years of life.

Call me today on 020 8743 3977 or 07553 358099 for knowledgeable, friendly carpet fitting advice and assistance in Beaconsfield HP9 and surrounding.

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