I am very happy to provide you with a labour only carpet fitting service for carpets that you may already have acquired from another source.

I do NOT sell or supply carpets. I only fit carpets that people already have. Please do not call me if you want to buy a new carpet.

Unlike many carpet fitters who will only fit new carpets I don’t mind fitting used carpets.

I prefer small to medium sized domestic work. I don’t like big carpet fitting jobs i.e. hotels / offices.

An hour here, half a day there, suits me just fine. No job too small!!

You may have bought a new carpet from an internet supplier or a carpet retailer who does not offer a carpet fitting service.

You may have been given a used carpet or want to uplift an existing carpet from one room and need a carpet fitter to refit it somewhere else in your home. Replacing a worn stair carpet for example.

Perhaps your builders have been and gone. A carpet fitter is needed to re-fit the existing carpet that they pulled up or re-fitted badly.

Moving carpets from room to room and re-fitting carpets after other tradesmen (electrians, plumbers, decorators woodworm / damproofing treatment etc) have finished their work, together make up about half of my carpet fitting workload.

I carry underlay and carpet gripper etc with me at all times should they be required.