Have the builders gone at last! Has the plumber finally finished?

Did they leave you staring at a pile of carpets and underlay in the middle of the room with no one to relay them properly for you.

Or perhaps they have they have relaid the carpets badly and you know they are not right. Loose and baggy and not fitting properly around the walls as they should be.

Maybe you have had new fitted wardrobes installed into your bedroom and been left with the carpet and underlay folded back into the room waiting for someone to cut and relay them into place around your new furniture.

More carpet laying after builders photos

I can help you with all these jobs. I am adaptable and flexible when it comes to relaying existing carpets. Re- installing carpets that have been taken up for one reason or another accounts for about 50% of my carpet fitting work load.

Many people when they have had tradesmen working in their home will find themselves in the situation of not wanting or needing to buy new carpets as the ones they have are perfectly good if they could just get a carpet fitter to re-lay them properly.

In the photos on the right you can see the carpets were lifted to allow for damp-proofing and replastering and needed to be re-laid properly. A job I often get asked to do.

Sometimes, the carpets will have been taken up just so that electricians or other tradesmen can get access to the floor underneath to carry out their work

On other occasions you will have had more extensive alterations carried out. Re modeling rooms by changing the position of walls and doors to make rooms bigger or smaller.

Very often the existing carpet can be relaid successfully back into these rooms. This type of carpet fitting job often involves me cutting newly surplus carpet from one part of the room and joining it to make the carpet fit in a different part of the room where it is now short.

If a quality carpet has been taken and is too good to throw away then many people will ask me to refit it into another room or cut it up to replace worn stair carpet.

Either way if your carpets have been left in a mess by your builders give me a ring to have a chat about what can be done to make the best of them.

Here you can see where an arch and two small wing walls were removed to open up a room to give more light, leaving gaps in the carpet where the walls had been. I was able to use carpet taken from under the bed for the repair. The patches show more than normal because the room carpet was eight years old with lots of wear and sunlight whereas the carpet from under the bed was effectively brand new. Not faded and never walked on.

More carpet laying after builders photos