I have been repairing fitted carpets throughout London, i.e patches, burn marks, worn stairs and pet damage for over 40 years now.

Given the high cost of replacement it rarely makes sense to replace an entire fitted carpet simply because it has become worn, stained or damaged in one small area.

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Fixing damaged or worn carpets can be a very cost effective way of dealing with a wide range of carpet repair issues and avoiding the expense of having to buy a whole new carpet.

Having being trained in the family business in West London by my father in the mid 1970s I have built up a lot of experience over the years of repairing damaged fitted carpets.

If I can’t fix it it, then probably it is beyond repair.

Perhaps you are a home owner hoping to get a few more years wear from an existing carpet.

Maybe you are a tenant in a rented property wanting to minimize the hit to your deposit when the inventory check is carried out.

Or you could be a landlord needing to get a property with a carpet problem ready to let quickly, then in all these cases I can help.


Most carpet repairs are small jobs. Please don’t think that replacing just one worn step on a flight of stairs or repairing a single cigarette burn is too small a job for me to bother with.

Obviously to keep costs down it makes sense for me to do small jobs like this on the same day as I am working on another job in the same part of London as you.


Cats and dogs are responsible for two main types of problems really. The first is when they get inadvertently shut into a room all day and try to dig their way out. This usually results in frayed or ripped carpet by the door frame and sometimes the metal door strip…

The other is the bottom step of a staircase where the tread is curved. Cats love to use this as a makeshift scratching post which inevitably leads to it looking ragged…

It’s not just pets than can cause carpet damage either… sometimes I am called on to repair pest damage. Below is a repair I carried out to a wool loop pile carpet that, as you can see, has been attacked by moths.

View more carpet repair photos

There are photos of both these problems on the repair photo page, please have a look.


Iron Burns, Cigarette burns and Shisha coal burns are all repairable but are not always invisible when completed.

The method of fixing these is called cut and plug. Basically the burn area is cut out, a new piece of carpet is cut to shape and then glued (plugged) into position.


I have a whole separate page for stair carpet repairs. So if your stair carpet is worn in places or is loose and becoming dangerous please look there.


Carpet pulling away from the metal strip under a door is common issue. Often it will be very frayed and also present a tripping hazard. Not hard to repair usually. Sometimes the carpet can be stretched back and glued into place or maybe I will have to change the door-bar for a wider one.


If your carpets are looking baggy and wavy then they need to be stretched and trimmed.

Please see my Carpet stretching page for more information.