Carpet stretching is needed when your carpets are loose and “baggy”.

My customers will often describe carpets that need stretching as being “wrinkled” or sometimes as being “wavy”.

The correct term for this condition is “fullness” and is usually rectified by having the carpet stretched by a carpet fitter such as myself.

Fixing this problem will typically involve me taking the carpet up around the edges, carrying out the carpet stretching by using a knee kicker carpet stretcher and then re-fitting the carpet and trimming off the surplus carpet.

In extreme cases it may be better for me to use a carpet power stretcher in order to get a good result. The photograph below shows a carpet power stretcher in use…

Carpet fitting & stretching in London

One man & his carpet power stretcher!

In either case the objective with carpet stretching is to prevent premature wear, reduce any tripping hazard and to improve as much as possible the unsightly appearance of the affected carpet.